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Tae Kwon Do Belt Meanings

The Meaning of the White Belt is that of innocence and reflects a student having no knowledge of Tae Kwon Do. Just as all things are new to a baby or young child, as a White Belt, the Ancient Art of Tae Kwon do is new to you. The movements, stances, kicks, and Korean Words are alien to you. You may not even know how to Tie your Belt or Your Uniform.

The Meaning of the Yellow Belt is often thought to signify the Sun due to the obvious similarity in color. However, the yellow belt actually signifies the Earth in which the seed of Tae Kwon Do has been planted and takes root.

The Green Belt signifies the young seedling sprouting and reaching toward the sun. Your flexibility and skill is improving greatly at this point. You start to build your knowledge of the sport and may even be allowed to help instruct the lower ranks, definitely an Honor!

The Blue Belt signifies Heaven and means that the plant is maturing and is reaching higher and wider toward the sun and sky. Your training skills are now being honed and your knowledge of Tae Kwon Do is broadening.

The Meaning of Tae Kwon Do’s Red Belt indicates Danger. The student has sufficient skill to inflict injury to an opponent so the student must exercise caution and control. The red color also acts as a warning any opponent the student may encounter.

Finally, the Black Belt represents full maturity and knowledge of Tae Kwon Do. The exact opposite of the White Belt. The Black colour of the Belt also represents this student’s ability to overcome darkness and fear.