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Self Defence

Self Defence

Fear of being attacked is an aweful thing that unfortunately we have to be mindful of at all times in our everyday life. We now live in a violent society where the control measures are not sufficient and seem to be getting worse.

Everyday within our own local communities something happens and we live with in fear for our children and ourselves. This is not how it should be but in the meantime we have to protect ourselves and our children.

Joining a martial arts class doesn’t make you invincible but it will in time give you confidence, self awareness and some basic skills to hopefully help you if you were attacked.

In simple terms, Self defence is the ability to defend yourself against a un-provoked attack using the minimal amount of force to either restrain or disarm the attacker.

We are self defence specialists and this is a very strong area at the academy and also included in the grading system. We take personal safety very seriously and it is a essential part of anyones system who teaches martial arts.