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Page Family Tae Kwon Do’s Tiny Kickers

If you’re looking for a martial art for your children it’s worth considering our Tiny Kickers class designed for children in KS1 – 4-7 years old.

Our aim is to ensure that every child has fun when they are training as well as enjoying the art of Tae Kwon Do. One of the main objectives is to build and strengthen the characters of each individual child, to build confidence and to instill a level of courtesy and respect.

We do this with safety for young children in mind and this is paramount in our teaching methods. We use a range of equipment to help make the sessions more interesting and also to ensure that we give everyone a cardio vascular workout but in a fun and relaxed way. The equipment we use with children is made of a foam and has a very good density to avoid damage to joints and make everything low impact.

Our team of both male and female instructors take small groups of children and work to a set routine of disciplines to bring out the best and prepare the students for gradings which are held regularly throughout the year. All of our instructors are fully licensed, DBS checked, first aid qualified and attend annual child safeguarding seminars.

The gradings for the Little Kickers are set out to be physical but are without some of the more complex routines that are built into the adult syllabus. This helps each student to work hard and exercise in a fun way as well as achieving key objectives along the way.

The program is comprehensive and rewarding for the student who if successful will receive a belt and certificate from PFTKD. If a student is un-successful we sit them down with the parent or guardian and explain in a constructive and sympathetic way what went wrong. We will then work with the student to improve the weak areas and then re-test them in a class environment before promoting them to the next level or belt.

The main objective with the program is to help the student build a strong character and promote self confidence. Young children often suffer in their early years with lack of confidence & social skills sometimes as a result of bullying. Students also have the opportunity to develop their focus, co-ordination, learning skills & self control. If you think this program would benefit your child then please come and see us for your FREE trial.

Classes are held at 4.30pm Wednesday Hereford Cathedral School Sports Hall

I’m interested, how can I start?

Awesome! You can book your child in for the first of their FREE taster sessions! Call Mr Page on 07742 356818 or email