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Independent Martial Arts

Independent Martial Arts

Independent Martial Arts (IMA) was founded by Master Kevin Summers 7th Dan & Master Graham Lambert 6th Dan in 2006. The aim of Independent Martial Arts is to provide a service to ITF and WTF Tae Kwon-Do practitioners in the UK that unifies and represents itself at the highest possible standards achievable.

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IMA is an organisation with a thirst for knowledge, diversifying and learning from other martial arts disciplines as well as having its own wealth of experience. Helping IMA along this path is the internationally renowned Master Willie Lim 8th Dan who is a great inspiration to us all in making us re-examine our art and to see it in its true form. IMAE is very grateful to Master Lim for imparting his vast knowledge and contributing so greatly in the role of President and Chief Examiner.

With years of experience behind them both Master Summers and Master Lambert are able to promote and deliver the martial arts experience with innovative and challenging methods. The system is based on the ITF and WTF from which encapsulates the root of their knowledge. The methods of training today are crucial to the representation in the future of a martial art that has sadly been continually eroded and diluted over the past decade. We hope that you will join us in our quest for perfection, above all enabling excellence within ourselves.


IMA sets out to provide:

  • Quality martial Arts
  • Seminars, gradings, competitions
  • Recognised qualifications
  • Planning and development
  • Enabling Excellence program
  • Peace and Harmony
  • Structured syllabus

Master Lambert and Master Summers would like to thank Grandmaster Hee il Cho 9th Dan for his guidance and knowledge in their journey so far in martial arts. Grandmaster Cho has steered them both to where they are today. Both Instructors are truly honoured to have been part of AIMAA and will always be in debt to the best Tae Kwon-Do Grandmaster of all time. Moving forward, IMA is an organisation with a thirst for knowledge diversifying and learning from other martial arts disciplines as well as having its own wealth of experience.

IMA Forum

The IMA forum is a group dedicated to the progression of Tae Kwon Do and other martial arts. They are open minded individuals and are committed to ensure that all members receive the best possible tuition and service. As an independent organisation the IMAE welcomes approaches from practitioners of all martial arts who wish to develop and grow their art without political interference.

Master Willie Lim, 8th Dan, President & Chief Examiner
Master Kevin Summers, 7th Dan IMA Co-Director & Technical Director to IMA.
Master Graham Lambert, 6th Dan IMA Co-Director & Chief Instructor(North).
Master Michael Collins, 6th Dan, MTKDA Chief instructor & Publicity Officer
Master James Rolfe, 6th Dan WTF. IMA Vetting, CRB Officer Course Facilitator
Master John Beck, 6th Dan, IMA Course Facilitator