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Do I need to pay before I start training?

No, you will have a 1 month free trial period with us from the day you start before you have to join and make any decisions.

What is the minimum amount ot times I can train in a week?

How often you train is entirely up to you. If you choose to train once a week that is fine. You can increase your training at anytime by just informing Mrs Oates (Administrator) or Master Collins (Chief instructor).

What if I have a set day to train and I cannot make it one week, do I loose that lesson?

No you can make the lesson up at one or more of our other classes. If you are ill, on holiday etc this is not a problem at all just let us know about it.

I am thinking of joining with my family so will we all train together.

In most cases when you first start then yes but we do split the class into groups depending on ability. You will however all be in the same room.

Is it OK to bring a drink with me?

Yes always bring a drink with you for training preferably water. We have planned drink sessions during the lesson for re-hydration.

Can I train if I have a medical problem?

That is entirely dependent on the type of medical problem. Most conditions do not affect you training, however we would ask that you speak with the Academy instructor who may request a doctors letter. In most cases this will suffice. If you have to bring medication with you please make the instructor aware of it and make sure it is kept secure in your training bag. (Please note we cannot accept responsibility for any medication you bring with you or administer it).

I am asthmatic, does this stop me from training?

Not at all lots of people train with this condition. Just ensure you bring your inhaler with you in your training bag and make the instructor aware of it.

Will I need a uniform (do-bok) as soon as I start / join?

No, not to start with, we fully appreciate that you need time to think about the training and if it is what you want. You can purchase a uniform from us once you join or later, their is no pressure from us at all. MTKDA can supply fully embroidered uniforms complete with belt on request.

How do I pay for everything?

All payments including monthly fees can be paid by Standing order (preferred method), cheque or cash.

How much will it cost me to train each month?

This is entirely dependent on how often you train and if it is just for you alone or other family members. Family membership is heavily discounted to make it affordable for families who wish to spend quality time with each other doing something worthwhile. Please ask Master Collins or Mrs Oates (MTKDA Administrator) at the academy for a general information sheet. This has our schedule of fees with a number of options available and other general information on it.

If I miss a lesson do I reduce my payment for the month?

No, payments remain the same whether you turn up to training or not. We advise everyone to make up lessons on one of our other training days.

When do I pay my fees?

All fees are paid at the beginning of each month by one of the above methods. Other arrangements can be made through the Academy administrator Mrs Oates or with the Chief instructor Master Collins.

What do I need to bring to my first lesson?

Loose fitting clothing, a drink of water and a willingness to learn and have fun.

How old do I have to be to start training?

We can take children from as young as 5 years old subject to a satisfactory trial period.

How long does it take to reach black belt level?

That totally depends on how often you train. It takes approximately 3 and a half years (training twice a week) to become a black belt, providing of course that you pass every coloured belt grading examination.